What to Check in a Health Insurance Policy?

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Assess your personal reason

You shouldn’t purchase a health insurance policy just because everyone else does. Of course, the main reason why you would want a health insurance is to have peace of mind knowing that your health is protected, and that you will receive the treatment you deserve when you need it most. Before you purchase though, make sure you have assessed your current health condition and health risks beforehand so you’ll know which policy will benefit you most.


Health insurance is not cheap, so you’d want to make the most out of your money. There are many factors that can affect the cost such as your age, gender, health status, and more, so it is impossible to give an exact estimate. However, you can visit insurance comparison sites online to get a free quote and seek professional advice .

Health Status

Your present state of health brings a major influence on getting approved for a health insurance as well as the rates that you’re most likely to get. It ‘s not all about being sick or well, because your state of health also involves past diseases obtained and conditions that exist in your family, known as preexisting conditions. Providers typically perform strict underwriting procedures that you will have to pass in order to qualify for cover. Bear in mind that more serious conditions can get your application denied.

Your Desired Cover

As everyone’s health condition differs, the health needs are not the same as well. Your friend might need protection only for a short period of time, while you might need protection for life. Under and over purchasing can both be very costly, so make sure you get the right amount of cover.

Health Insurance at the Workplace

Many employers will arrange a workplace health insurance policy for you as part of the employee benefits. This may just be a limited amount of cover, but it can help you save some money because you’ll only need to purchase less insurance. Additionally, arranging an insurance scheme at the workplace can be cheaper than buying on your own. Ask with your employer if such benefits are offered, and whether or not the policy stands if you switch jobs.


Obviously, you need health insurance in order to make a claim when you got sick and need to have your medical expenses covered. There’s no sense having a health insurance policy if you won’t be able to make a claim, so you must be aware of certain conditions and scenarios that will make your insurer pay or not. Take note exactly what diseases, illnesses, or disabilities will be excluded, and ask the insurer if they can lift the limits for those conditions you want included in your cover.

Maximum payouts

It’s also important to know if there are maximum payouts whenever you make a successful claim, and how much you are entitled to. Determine if this amount is enough to cover for all the costs of treatment, consultation, and rehabilitation.

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